Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Student Profile: Stephen Reichley

This month, we're featuring Stephen Reichley, a DVM candidate at the Ohio State University who will be graduating this spring and is interested in a career in fish health. Read on to learn more about Stephen and his interests. 

1. What is your current research/position?

           I graduate from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2013 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Starting in June 2013 I will be a PhD candidate at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine focusing on aquatic animal health and epidemiology.

2. What sparked your interest in aquatic animal health?

           During my first year in veterinary school I attended a lecture on consumer issues related to agriculture. About half way through the presentation a slide came up with the word “aquaculture” on it. I remember being intrigued, not really knowing what that was.  Interested, I started to research aquaculture and reading everything I could get my hands on. I was fortunate to be offered a job with the Aquaculture Division of the Ohio Department of Agriculture my first summer break. That turned out to be the first of many fish health experiences over the last four years.

3. What has been your favorite fisheries-related job?

           I have been very fortunate to have a wide variety of aquaculture jobs and externships. These include time at the Thad Cochran National Warmwater Aquaculture Center in Mississippi; Idaho Department of Fish and Game; the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science and Havbrukstjenesten AS in Norway; University of Stirling Institute of Aquaculture, Scottish Government Fish Health Inspectorate, and the Fish Vet Group in the United Kingdom; Vet Aqua International in Ireland; the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Italy; Clear Springs Foods in Idaho; and the United States Department of Agriculture in Florida and Washington, D.C. Each of these experiences presented unique opportunities to expand my knowledge of aquatic animal health and the aquaculture industry on state, national, and global levels.

4. What do you like most about graduate/professional school?

           The aspect of veterinary medicine that I enjoy the most is the vast opportunities throughout the world in countless industries for veterinarians. Veterinary school produces graduates with skill sets that can be utilized in any job of interest to the individual. I am looking forward to expanding my research in aquaculture topics at Mississippi State University.

5. When and why did you first become involved with AFS and the FHS?

           I first became involved with FHS in 2010 to increase my knowledge of fish health and aquaculture. Unfortunately with the demanding schedule of my veterinary education I have not been able to attend many of the conferences but I look forward to expanding my involvement as I start my PhD curriculum.

6. What are your long-term professional goals (FHS or otherwise)?

           My long-term goals are to pursue a meaningful career related to aquaculture in the international community. I am open to opportunities in academia, public service, and private sector and look forward to seeing where this exciting career takes me.

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