Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Student and early career workshop at the upcoming FHS/EFHW meeting

Students and early professionals attending the AFS-FHS Meeting and/or the EFHW are invited to attend the ‘Embark on Successful Career in Fish Health’ workshop. This workshop will be held on Monday, April 3rd, from 5 - 6:30 pm (location TBA).

We’ve invited three accomplished members of the fish health community to speak on topics relevant to students and early career members. Each speaker will give a 15 minute presentation with a panel Q+A session to follow.

Publishing piscatorial papers: Dos and don’ts
Jeffrey C. Wolf, Experimental Pathology Laboratories, Journal of Aquatic Animal Health Editor
Research funding: Where to find it and how to get it
James R. Winton, USGS Western Fisheries Research Center

Successful navigation of the graduate school journey
Ron Thune, Professor, Louisiana State University                             

Hope to see everyone there! 

Scholarship opportunities

There are two new scholarship opportunities that will be of interest to our members. For more information, see below.

American Association of Fish Veterinarians (AAFV) Scholarships

The American Association of Fish Veterinarians (AAFV) recognizes the burgeoning cost of veterinary education coupled with the fact that most veterinary schools do not provide training in aquatic veterinary medicine. Thus, the AAFV Student Scholarship Program has been established to assist veterinary students in their quest to increase their experience and training in aquatic veterinary medicine, specifically fish. This includes, but is not limited to, participating in aquatic programs, short courses, externships, conferences and presentations and research projects. The AAFV Executive Board and Student Scholarship Committee has set the amount for each scholarship at $500. The number of scholarships offered each year will be dependent on available funds. Scholarships will be presented once a calendar year and need to be used within one year of being awarded.

For more information on these scholarships, eligibility, and application procedures, please visiti the following website: http://www.fishvets.org/pages/category.asp?id=39

Merck Animal Health Champions Young Aquaculture Leaders with New Salmon Science Award

Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the US and Canada) is proud to announce the introduction of the High Quality Salmon Science Award supporting research in salmon health and welfare by tomorrow’s industry leaders. Starting this year, Merck Animal Health will award one recent graduate in veterinary or animal science the opportunity to present their research to an impressive number of industry specialists at an upcoming Merck Animal Health High Quality Salmon meeting in Scotland, UK.

Applications are due by April 7th, 2017.

For more information on this award, please visit the following website: http://www.merck-animal-health.com/news/2017-3-27.aspx